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why i'm up

i cant get to sleep becUSE I AM TRYING TO SLEEP IN MY WUBG XGAIR/I admit it, i bought an expensuce piece of furnityre for a fictipnal character. I could o sree gideon comfortably enscoved ih the wing chair, i had it custom upholstered in bugundy.
(pardon typos it' the jsames joyce thing)
why iam trying to sleep on the chair is comp;icted. o-11 is tired ppf me caLLING THEM TP LIFT ME OUT O F BED AT 7 AM. LONG STORY, DONT ASK).
rudolph deer christmas


[lease tell me how the hell james joyce wrote whhole novels wiyj only one eye whilr i cant even type anemail without mistakes?
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Back to the editing board

At the suggestion of my publisher,, I am looking over many of the stories on Oakwoods with an eye to beating them into Sequel. As a result, they will no longer be on public view. I want people to have to buy the book, after all.
Yay, a sequel. Rhis book will focus more on Joshua rhan on Gideon. :) Hopefully, I will have the time to finish it. I don't feel ill, other than the neuralgia, but I have no idea when the big C is going to come down on me like a ton of bricks...
rudolph deer christmas

Book Review: How to Marry A Millionaire Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Now this was a fun read. Any book that involves both the Russian mafia and vampires has got to be pretty exciting. There are time when the excitement is a bit too intense, but it makes for gripping reading.
Shanna Whelan is a dentist who is afraid of the sight of blood. Needless to say, she's not very good at her chosen career. But her life changes drastically when the head of a local vampire coven breaks off one of his fangs in a sex doll and needs her to reimplant it before the place where it was heals and he ends up having all the other vampires call him names and don't let him join in any vampire games.
She eventually discovers the truth about good old Roman and his army of kilted Scotsmen (Och, I would like to drink yer blood, lassie!) and her emotions are thrown into turmoil because she's already more than half in love with Roman. But the Russians are after her. She's in the witness protection program because she saw the Russian mafia slaughter a cafe full of people, including Shanna's best friend. But it's Russian vampires, including Roman's arch enemy Ivan, who are after her. There are some great chase scenes involving a very sympathetic taxi driver, and quite a few chills, spills and close calls,

Likeable, sympathetic characters. I liked this book so much that I would happily read the sequels... how could you resist a title like "The Undead Next Door"?

Good stuff.
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wow, that was cool

I just watched a show on the National Geographic Channel that challenged the science in popular disaster movies. Everything from Tornados through earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. They consulted experts in the field of each movie, and graded their science. Man, they werre BRUTAL to the Day After Tomorrow! F! Hee hee heee. (Best quote: "Yes, the climate changes shown are possible. But in 50 years, not 50 seconds." BWA hah hah). The only movie that got a passing grade, A-, was The Perfect Storm. But I loved the vulcanologist they interviewed for Dante's Peak. After criticising everything from the way they showed the lava flow to having someone melt when he stepped on lava, she looked directly at the camera and said, "Another thing this movie got wrong: there are no vulcanologists who look like Pierce Brosnan. *choke*) I was entertained and educated. Too bad I don't remember the title...
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Book Review: Naked Brunch by Sparkle Hayter

I can't find where I set this book down, so I can't tell you the publisher or ISBN. But you all know how to use, I presume.
I have read some of this author's early mystery fiction, and there has always been a breezy, good-natured, amusing tone to her work.. With a name like Sparkle, she probably can't help it. So I was expecting Naked Brunch fo be something along those lines, especially with that title.
What I found instead was a very sombre-toned werewolf novel. Annie, more or less the chief protaganist, finds herself turning into a werewolf every full moon. Lycanthropy is not supernatural in Hayter's world, it is a recessive gene and both parents must carry it for the child to get all hairy on the full moon. This is a very complicated plot, and its overall theme of love betrayed is very sad. Annie struggles to understand the changes she is going through, and is helped by some folks named Marco and Carla, who run a sort of werewolf shelter that confines its patients so that they will not go out and kill. It outlines the horrible tragedy of being a vegetarian werewolf and waking up with meat stuck between your teeth (okay, yes, that was kind of funny, but Terry Pratchett did it first). There's a lone wolf named Jim who wants Annie and tries to get her away from Marco. The tension between Jim and Marco is palpable, and concerns another female werewolf who died.
What I found interesting was the premise that werewolves can smell souls. The more corrupt and rotten the smell of your soul is, the more you smell like dinner. So I guess that makes it okay that you get your throat ripped open... dubious morality again. But it was a fascinating idea.
I won't reveal the ending to you, and it ends on a note that says "sequel" to me. Overall, this is not a funny book. It is well-written but left me feeling very sad, not just for Annie but for the state of mankind.
Recommended if you like werewolves.